Kellerman Kitchen & Bath

A Regional Provider of Kitchen & Bath Cabinets

Since 1994, Kellerman Kitchen & Bath has grown into a regional provider of high quality custom & factory cabinets.  Headquartered in Baton Rouge, LA - we service from Houston, TX to Destin, FL and everything in between.  We offer both residential & commercial cabinets to fit any budget. 

Why Choose Kellerman K & B?

Professional Approach

Our professional team is dedicated to providing our clients with a great experience.  We treat your project as if it were our own home!

Superior Design

Our designs set us apart from all others!  Our Director of Design has a five year college design degree from one of the top design programs in the nation.

Industry Leaders

We have often shaped practices and business ideas within the cabinet community.  Others often try and duplicate our systems and way of doing business.  We are flattered! 

Great Products

From our custom & factory cabinets, shutters, commercial cabinets & other components we manufacture - our quality is unsurpassed.

Our Process

Over the years, we have developed a very organized and efficient process.  We streamline the different aspects of a project to save you time and make it enjoyable!


We have enjoyed a great reputation in the communities that we serve.  People know they can trust us and that we will go the extra mile with them.